Organic sunflower cake

Organic sunflower cake is obtained at processing pre-treated organic sunflower seeds with method of pressing to obtain sunflower organic oil from it.

During the processing of sunflower seeds at “UKROLIYA ORGANIC” plant, there is a process of its caving, so that the fiber content in the cake remains the most optimal – max 22.4%.

Organic sunflower cake produced by “UKROLIYA ORGANIC” plant has the form of multiform or crushed pressed parts, which color varies from grey of different shades to brown of different shades.

Chemical indicators:
• Mass fraction of moisture, volatile matters, max – 8.5%
• Mass fraction of ash, insoluble in solution with a mass fraction of hydrochloric acid 10%, in terms of absolutely dry substance, max – 1%
• Mass fraction of total ash in terms of dry matter, max – 6.5%
• Mass fraction of crude protein, min – 28%
• Mass fraction of crude fiber, max – 22.4%
• Mass fraction of crude fat, max – 10%

In terms of amino acid composition and biochemical value the sunflower seed cake exceeds similar indicators of even cereals: it contains more lysine, methionine, cystine and tryptophan. It contains much more calcium and phosphorus; it is rich in vitamins of complex ‘B’.

The sunflower cake contains a lot of fat (9-10%), which is an important nutrient. Together with nitrogenous substances, it participates in the formation and restoration of cells in the animal body, promotes the multiplication of oily parts in milk and, finally, is deposited in the animal body. Therefore, adding it to the daily diet of cattle leads to an increase in milk yield and fat content by 20%, and significantly increasing the gain in meat.

In modern industrial poultry farming, the cake is an integral part of the diet. Adding it to compound feeds for poultry feeding leads to a significant increase in egg-laying, increases the hatching quality of eggs.

The organic sunflower cake of “UKROLIA ORGANIC” plant production is certified according to the organicity standards GMP + B1, UA-BIO, Bio Suisse and USDA-NOP.

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