We manufacture our own products at 2 modern plants in the Poltava region of Ukraine.



tons per year for sunflower crushing


tons per year for refinement


tons per year of the capacities of all packing lines

Today, the total production capacity of the UKROLIYAPRODUKT plant is up to 600 tons per day (up to 215 thousand tons per year) for sunflower processing , for refining – 170 tons per day (61 thousand tons per year). The capacities of all packing lines are 100 000 tons per year. UKROLIYAPRODUKT participates in the Centre for Consumer Ecological Safety All-Ukrainian Project “In harmony with nature” whose main purpose is to stimulate and support organizations that include environmental priorities in their development strategy and promote the improvement of the quality and competitiveness of domestic products.



tons of organic sunflower per year


tons of organic oil per year


tons of organic sunflower cake per year

UKROLIYA ORGANIC is a modern, cutting-edge technological industrial complex specializing in the processing of exclusively organic raw materials. The plant is equipped with modern equipment of Ukrainian and international manufacture with quality control and production safety systems in place. The plant was launched in November 2017. UKROLIYA ORGANIC is certified according to the standard of organic products of the European Union and corresponds to the Swiss standard BIOSUISSE.