We are building long-term partnership relationships for 20 years

Business mission

To form

A new culture of consumption of healthy sunflower oils in Ukraine and the world, supported by a high level of customer service , fully appreciating our traditions.

To provide

The highest-level of service for our customers who appreciate the importance of value-added products and respect our partner relationships.

To create

Effective, innovative value-added products in the segment of professional culinary and organic high-oleic sunflower oils in the market for healthy food products.

Effective for business. Beneficial for health

Every year we process more than 200,000 tons of sunflower seeds to create a wide range of products that we send to our clients in the HORECA segment and industrial markets .

Development. Geography.

Export potential

We export our products to more than 50 countries.

Production capacity

Cutting-edge technology equipped plants in the ecologically clean zone of Poltava region.



tons per year for sunflower crushing


tons per year for refinement


tons per year of the capacities of all packing lines



tons of organic sunflower per year


tons of organic oil per year


tons of organic sunflower cake per year