Our Philosophy

We believe in providing value-added products, through transparent, mutually beneficial partnerships in the desire to preserve long held traditions.

Business mission

To form

A new culture of consumption of healthy sunflower oils in Ukraine and the world, supported by a high level of customer service , fully appreciating our traditions.

To provide

The highest-level of service for our customers who appreciate the importance of value-added products and respect our partner relationships.

To create

Effective, innovative value-added products in the segment of professional culinary and organic high-oleic sunflower oils in the market for healthy food products.

Our vision

“UKROLIYA” is a driver in the market for high oleic and organic oils in Ukraine and internationally.

Our values


Clients are at the heart of our business. We listen carefully to all our customer’s needs (internal and external) and maintain a consistent focus ensuring we always deliver an outstanding service through all stages of cooperation. We show respect, responsibility and execute our obligations in full.


We support initiatives aimed at creating added value in products, processes and business directions.


We value and appreciate real experts in their fields. In all positions, we have professionals who understand the needs of our clients, who are constantly learning and responding to new market trends.


We value readiness and the ability to independently develop and make decisions within our own sphere of responsibility.


We strive to combine an organic lifestyle with ecology, transparency and humanity to put “quality of life and well-being” at the centre of everything we do We implement technologies and take decisions that allow us to develop business, to care about the health of people and the environment.


We create win-win product solutions and develop transparent, long-term relationships.