Now it is not exotic, which is not easy. Sales of ecologically clean and organic products continue to grow, they are becoming easier to buy in a regular retail mass market in supermarkets and even discounters.
In some of the countries leading manufacturers that offer environmentally friendly products, have themselves become major private labels, such as Coop in Denmark and Loblaw in Canada.

Today, healthy lifestyle has penetrated almost all product categories. Network expand the range of dietary, organic, functional and healthy products.

People have become more conscious approach to the selection, study the labels and composition, are willing to pay more for healthy and high quality products.

There are more manufacturers moving to the production of food products with “clean label”. Maximum improves the composition, removed the sugar, reduced calorie.

The products are functional, that is enriched with protein, prebiotics, probiotics, superfudge and the like.

Undoubtedly, such a product will cost more, but the demand for it is growing daily.

Manufacturers reduce thermal and chemical treatment, are moving away from preservatives, dyes, flavors, etc.

Also among the main trends of this and next years are the following:

– more and more people are choosing products with reduced calories.
– Snacks: all switching to a higher quality snacks, because the pace of life is accelerating. Portion pack, snack bars, protein mixes, shakes, porridge and the like. Rhythm of life (especially in cities) forces the manufacturers to produce products of a smaller format (in batch), which will be convenient to take with you.
– Young buyers prefer products with a beautiful design to share photos on social networks.
– Loyalty to the history of the brand: people are more willing to choose products, which is the story of creation. Family production more credible than the big players of the market.

One of the most popular trends today is the focus on conscious eating, which is more than just a diet – a lifestyle.

Every time we think about what we eat, what products are in stock, who, where and how they are made.
So far, Farm 2 Fork – from farm to fork – has been actively developed. This is a story that farm products are delivered without a long logistics chain and intermediaries. It is important when the product goes from manufacturer to buyer the shortest possible path, which guarantees the freshness and absence of unnecessary additives in the composition, since they are not needed to extend the shelf life. This approach, in turn, gives the buyer an idea of which path the product has gone through before it gets on the table. Provides guarantee of origin and safety of products. And producers and farmers are becoming more open, providing more information, making videos, organizing excursions, trips to their farms.


This season because of the quarantine we have not launched the third season of excursions to the fields in PE “Agroecology” and the plant “UKROLIYA ORGANIC” in the framework of the project “We are organic”.

As a reminder, during the tour we demonstrate that, in contrast to the “natural” and “healthy”, organic is a controlled method of growing and production.

Begin our tour with a visit to field and farm “Agroecology” in Mykhailyky S. Shishatskiy district, where children and their parents the chief agronomist says that organic foods are grown the natural way without chemicals or harmful ingredients. Because in organic farming chemical fertilizers are not used to kill pests, you need more cost to collect weeds. Livestock holds children up to meat and dairy breeds of cows, the children saw that organic livestock must be provided with the necessary conditions: you need to mark out the area, the animals must have the space for walking. During the production of organic milk pay special attention to the cows and their diet.

The route follows to the plant “UKROLIYA ORGANIC” in the village Dikanka, where young guests talk about the processing of organic sunflower and conduct a tour of the production. Especially children like the layout where equipment line is made for the production of oil.

Guests learn that placement on the product icon “Bio” in the form of a leaf (the European mark of organic products) manufacturers are only allowed after passing a certification and the many stages of checks.

Such excursions fulfill our primary goal – to create favorable conditions for the implementation of educational programs that will become a means of communication with society about the importance of consuming organic products, improving the quality of life, leading a healthy lifestyle and protecting the environment.

The trend of digitization should not be overlooked either – the share of online purchases will definitely only increase.

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An important role is played by our nutrition, by which it is possible to activate in the short term the reserve forces of the organism, which allow to fight various infections.

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