August 12-14-th, Kharkiv hosted the Eastern Cooking Cup of Ukraine – a professional competition among pastry chefs, chefs, sous chefs and chefs.

For the second year in a row, the EFFO brand acts as a partner of this event.

Top chefs and pastry chefs of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania became the judges of the Eastern Region Cooking Cup of 2019.

Not only workshops, famous chefs and pastry chefs, professional competitions but also contests and prizes for all guests were held daily.

During the festival, EFFO brand ambassador – Igor Bragin with EFFO product manager – Luchnyi Oles made a presentation on the topic: “Possibilities of using professional high oleic oil in a restaurant for cooking dressings, sauces and textures. Not the only olive oil. ”

“Before you use olive oil for salads and baking, look at where the oil was made. Nowadays  most of Italian olive oil on the ukrainian market doesn’t respond to all quality standards. Olive oil is good for our hearts if it is Extra Virgin cold pressed. Even if you buy more expensive varieties of cold pressed olive oil with their characteristic rich taste and aroma, using them for deep frying or WOK, you will in any case encounter this unpleasantness. ”- the presentation of the brand ambassador began.

Igor Bragin used EFFO in the Chef’s cooking process so that festival guests could see that professional cooking oil has a wide range of uses, not just for deep-frying and frying.

“The uniqueness of EFFO products is that they reveal the different benefits of using oils and the organoleptic properties of the finished products. EFFO guarantees a crisp crust, does not absorb the finished product, is used longer. ”- finished the presentation Luchnyi Oles.

During the 3 days of competition, the EFFO team actively participated in all the activities in the Cup program.

In particular, deep-fried snacks were cooked and the participants and guests were deliciously tasted using EFFO branded cooking oil # 1.