Within the framework of the project “We are Organic” we continue to hold the second season of excursions to the fields of “Agroecology” and to the plant “UKROLIYA ORGANIC”.

The project “We are organic” is a joint project of the companies “Agroecology” and “UKROLIYA”.
“We are Organic” is the first in Ukraine project in the organic sector that allows children of pre-school and school age, students to understand the importance of consumption of organic products.
During the tour we demonstrate that unlike to the “natural” and “healthy” – organic is a controlled method of cultivation and production.

Our excursions starts from the visit of the farm “Agroecology” in Mikhailyk village of Shishatsky district, where the main agronomist explains to the children and their parents that organic products are grown naturally without chemicals or harmful ingredients. Since organic fertilizers are not used in organic farming to kill pests, more costs are needed for weed harvesting.

A zoo technician shows to children meat calves and dairy cows, so that children can see that the necessary conditions must be provided for organic livestock: the required area is allocated, animals should have places to walk. For the production of organic milk, special attention is paid to cows and their nutrition.

Then the excursion route follows to the plant “UKROLIYA ORGANIC” in the village of Dikanka, where youth are informed about the processing of organic sunflower seeds and conduct an excursion to the production.

Particularly, children like the layout, where the mini-variations of the equipment made oil production line.

Also guests will find that the placement on the products of the badge Bio-leaf – a European organic logo of the product, allowed to manufacturers only after passing the certification and many stages of inspections.

Such excursions realize our main goal – creating favorable conditions for the implementation of educational programs, which will be a means of communicating with society on the importance of consumption of organic products, improving the quality of life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting the environment.