In the company UKROLIYA producing organic sunflower oil TM  Garna Organica are convinced that demand for organic products as well as products in the category of Healthy food will continue. Moreover, people will become more attentive to their health and food choices.

This was told in an interview with the Director of the Organic BU Sergey Kuzmenko, according to APK-inform.

“We have successfully begun a season of processing and marketing of packaged organic products under its own brand TM Garna Organica, as for already existing contracts (“b2b Clients”) and new. Our oil is exported to countries like USA, China, Spain. For us, export activity is expanding the boundaries for innovative and healthy products that we manufacture”, — said Sergey Kuzmenko.

Company in 2019/20 MG exported in March 2019, the first batch (of total order quantity – 400 MT)  organic sunflower oil in the United States. The product is also exported to France. A new direction in terms of organic butter for the company was Vietnam, where we have shipped the first batch of packaged refined organic oils – Garna Organica (500 ml). By the way, in Vietnam, consumers are already familiar with traditional sunflower oil UKROLIYA, now familiar with the organic product from Ukrainian manufacturer.

“We are also very promising is the Chinese market. Interest in this area caused by new opportunities to expand geography of sales and the number of potential buyers of organic products”, — says Sergey Kuzmenko.

He notes that the company continues to sell organic products in a normal mode and a reduced demand is not observed. Moreover, Ukraine increased the sale Garna Organica in the period February-March.

“Today the main share of our sales is the deodorized oil Garna Organica. During the period of quarantine, being alone with a refrigerator, the majority of Ukrainians decided to try their hand at cooking. In addition, in connection with General concerns about the health of the population began to pay more attention to the quality of their food. Buyers paid attention to organic products,” explains Sergey Kuzmenko.

According to him, through quarantine measures also popular was the service deliveries of food and home products.

“In our case, the increased number of sales Garna Organica via the Internet store. Online sales of organic products is becoming more and more popular topic. In parallel, we actively promote in social networks, consumer culture of organic oils”, — says Sergey Kuzmenko.He also said that the company is preparing for a 100% utilization of UKROLIYA ORGANIC facilities in order to actively work with the Ukrainian retail and to continue expanding the geography of organic oil sales.

“Organic production is the business of the future! The problem of product quality is increasing every year. That is why more and more people are becoming thoughtful about how safe food is on their table. And choose quality organic products, ”- says Sergei Kuzmenko.

According to the materials of Agroportal