The beauty of the Poltava region, its picturesque nature and the boundless flowering fields, inspired us to create a new design of Dikanka oil.

The floral motifs of the Poltava region, pictured on the bottle, symbolize a bunch of natural flavors and tastes of Dikanka oil.

Our 18 years of experience of production, modern technology, the use of quality raw materials grown on ecologically clean lands of Poltava region, made it possible to create a product with a bright taste and aroma.

We strive to meet the needs of consumers as much as possible, we care about the composition of our products. Therefore, we developed two types of oils:

• «for salads», which absorbed bright taste and rich vitamin composition;
• “for frying”, which has a neutral taste and is ideal for hot dishes.

The unique taste of Dikanka oil makes it a visiting card of the Poltava region.