The structure of the sales of organic sunflower oil is affected by the availability of raw materials, which must be certified according to organic standards, which are mandatory for the importing country.

The geography determines the availability and quality of raw material which must conform to the organic standards of the importing country.

Since the beginning of the season (September 2019), the shipment was carried out according to the plan processing parties, subject to the agreed Customer delivery schedules.

In the export structure the main share takes the production in bulk to B2B customers.

In the domestic market we are actively developing our own brand of organic sunflower oil for end consumers – Garna Organica.

Today, products Garna Organica represented in the trading networks of Ukrainian retail:

• Metro
• Goodwine
• Megamarket
• Winetime
• Miastoria

Also, the brand Garna Organica is actively promoted in the digital channel:

• our own online store
• Facebook
• Instagram
• affiliate online platform: Internet-shop of organic products “Organic delivery”, show-room “Organic – is”.

Why we use the digital channel to promote and sell our products:

• E-commerce. The volume of the retail trade in food through a food channel online in 2019 accounted for 8% of total retail sales. It is expected that by 2022 this proportion will rise to 11.2%.

• Social network. 70% of Ukrainian consumers follow opinion leaders or public personalities, guided by their recommendations in the selection of goods and food.

• Individual approach. Consumers show greater loyalty when they help an individual to choose products.

• Premium status. Premium organic products meets the demand of consumers who care about health and quality of life.

Organics is the business of the future. Choosing organic products, we contribute not only in managing our own health, but also in a more secure environment and well-being of the future generations.