Myanmar is a small country in Southeast Asia, despite its proximity to Thailand, differs significantly from it.  Tourists do not go here by sea and beaches, but by architectural monuments that can only be seen there.  The Thousand Pagoda Valley alone is worth it.

Interesting facts about Myanmar:

  1. In this country all important decisions are made on the basis of astrological forecasts.
  2. The Internet is widespread by no more than 1%.
  3. There has been a civil war for 62 years.
  4. The country is called the “Pagoda Land”, as about 2.5 thousand similar structures have been erected on its territory.
  5. The first batch of Ukrainian organic sunflower oil GARNA organica was exported to Myanmar in 2020.

Myanmar is a rather interesting region for sunflower oil exports, as this product item is among the top- 5 major commodity groups in the import structure:

  1. Energy materials, oil and products of its distillation.
  2. Nuclear reactors, boilers, equipment and mechanical devices.
  3. Land transport facilities.
  4. Ferrous metals
  5. Vegetable fats; products of their splitting; prepared edible fats.

Today, UKROLIYA is not just exporting sunflower oil to more than 50 countries.

For us, exporting is expanding the boundaries for healthy and innovative products that we offer our customers.

So in January 2020, organic refined sunflower oil under the GARNA organica brand was shipped to Myanmar.