Growing of sunflowers in Ukraine began more than a hundred years ago. At the very begining people loved sunflowers for the taste of its seeds, and over time they learned how to get a fragrant oil.

Today there are various types of vegetable oils, but in the modern world rapidly increases the popularity of  high oleic sunflower oil. This is due to its valuable properties, and a number of advantages in use.

Despite the difficult name of the variety, development of high oleic sunflower depends solely on the power of natural processes without any industrial genetically modified hybrids. Naturally, that its final product – vegetable oil – is a pure and useful product.

The cultivation of this variety of sunflower requires special conditions.
First of all, this spatial isolation. Between fields with conventional varieties and breeding culture  sunflower distance should be at least 200 meters. If the plant culture nearby, about 50 meters of the crop from sowing of high oleic sunflower  will have to mark as a normal sunflower, as its hybrid properties will be lost as a result of pollination.

Also during planting, harvest, transportation and storage can be mixed with high oleic sunflower seeds with conventional seeds. The factors that determine the popularity of high oleic oil:

1. Regular consumption of the product reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases.
2. Reduced content of undesirable cholesterol in the blood and increases the concentration of “good” cholesterol.
3. In the confectionery industry in the manufacture of the margarine using high oleic oil reducing energy consumption reaches 15%.

In addition to the food industry to this species of sunflower have interest in various fields of production of raw material of biodiesel, pharmacy and cosmetic industries. Thanks to the renewable resource, this type of oil is able to solve various tasks to the development of human civilization.