The Vietnamese market is not a new destination for  a company UKROLIYA.  We are cooperating a  with distributors there, and the end consumers are already familiar with traditional sunflower oil under TM Dikanka.

We are pleased to announce that Vietnamese consumers are now getting acquainted with Ukrainian organic oil.

So recently the first batch of packaged refined organic oil – GARNA organica (500 ml) was shipped.

Why Vietnam is?

At the beginning of 2017, the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association started a very active policy advocacy action to demand for organic products. So, government and state agencies started to pay attention to the promotion of organic agriculture development.

As stated by FIBL 2018 Report, in 2017 the market for organic agricultural products in Vietnam showed a stable increase, supported by increased consumption and government policy.

We hope that the organic Ukrainian sunflower oil will be in demand among the people of Vietnam as they are used to consume vegetables and healthy food. So, they are willing to understand the benefit of organic certified food.