High-oleic oil for delicious bread: UKROLIYA took part in the conference “Bakery Business 2021”

The conference “Bakery Business 2021”, which was held on February 18 in  Kyiv, brought together the largest players in the bakery, confectionery market, representatives of the HORECA and Industrial sectors. The theme of this year’s event is “Bread and healthy eating”. Therefore, the company UKROLIYA as a driver of the market of high-oleic sunflower oil could not avoid this event. The UKROLIYA team of technologists has prepared an interesting report on the benefits of using professional oils in the preparation of bakery products and confectionery.

Yuliia Kononenko, R&D technologist at UKROLIYA, addressed the heads of bakeries and confectioneries, quality directors, technologists, heads of supply departments, chief engineers, production managers, heads of flour mills with a report on how professional high-oleic sunflower oil can be used in baking bakery products.

“Professional high-oleic sunflower oil is a profitable alternative to replace hydrogenated fats, which are actively used in the production technology of bakery products. Our numerous experiments with high-oleic oil TM “UKROLIYA” have shown that it can easily replace solid fats, while improving the organoleptic, physico-chemical properties of the finished product, and that it is now very important to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. “UKROLIYA TM high-oleic oil is very easy to work with, it does not require special storage and preparation conditions (cutting, melting), which saves utility costs, has a long shelf life, unlike margarines,” explains Yuliia Kononenko.

At the UKROLIYA stand, visitors could taste both high-oleic oil and bakery products cooked on it. Brand managers, sales managers, technologists of the company acquainted the conference visitors with the range of professional high-oleic oils.