From 19 to 21 April “UKROLIYA” company participated in the international agrarian forum AGROPORT 2018, an annual comprehensive event devoted to the development of agrarian business in Ukraine and the presentation of the latest trends, products and technologies. The ceremony was attended by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The main topics of this year forum were organic food and organic crop production. The organizers invited leading experts in the organic sector, among them the head of “UKROLIYA ORGANIK” Maksim Turko and partner of the company – director of PE “Agroecology” Glib Lukyanenko.

The real highlight of the event this year was the record setting cooking of 3 tons of buckwheat porridge using only organic products. Glib Lukyanenko shared the story about how the idea of ​​preparing a record organic dish was born: “As early as in February, at the Biofach-2018 exhibition, together with the director of business development of LLC “UKROLIYA” Yuriy Shevchenko and the founder of the project “AGROPORT” Dmitro Tytarenko we discussed various ways of combining representatives of the organic segment. So the idea of​ cooking a record breaking dishwas born. Then we analysed what products could offer companies from the organic segment, and requested organizers of the forum “AGROPORT” about participation in the Organic Challenge. Our mission is to break stereotypes about the quality of organic raw materials, organic products produced in Ukraine, and to convey information about the importance of consumption of organic products.“