For UKROLIYA cooperation with PE GALEKS-AGRO in the format of a ready supply of organic products is a new direction for the development of partnerships between companies, because earlier we co-worked only in the format of “vendor-recycler”.

In organic production everything matters, there are no trifles. Separately stated the quality of raw materials.

For UKROLIYA the quality of organic sunflower seeds is a good organic oils. That is why we deeply value our core strategic partners of supply of organic sunflower seeds.

Changes in the world, the dynamics of modern life and many other factors help to open up new partnership opportunities.

In particular, today online sales of organic products become increasingly popular. However, there are not many online trading platforms exclusively certified organic products.

Since April our organic sunflower oil Garna Garna Organica Organica Classic and High Oleic oil are presented at one of these resources

Organic delivery is a delivery of organic food production by Organic Milk and Organic Meat (producers, which are included in PE GALEKS-AGRO) and other partners of the organic market of Ukraine.

Customers of organic delivery are not only connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle, but caring parents and conscious consumers of the good foods.

This resource will allow you to fill your own grocery basket a variety of organic products such as meat and sausages, dairy products, vegetable oils, cereals and flour, eggs, tea, and corn sticks.

The problem of obtaining high-quality and clean products is growing every year. Therefore, each time will have more people who approach how safe food on their table.

It is these Consumers who consciously choose organic products.