“Try the future for taste” is the slogan of Anuga. Due to its high status in innovation, Anuga is recognized as an industry barometer.

The program consists of business meetings, forums with the participation of the largest market players. The Chef of the year competition brings out the best young chefs in Europe. The Anuga Gourmet Festival and Culinary Stage are amazing with enchanting product shows, tastings and workshops from renowned professionals.

At its own stand, UKROLIYA presented to the visitors well-known in the EU countries traditional Dikanka sunflower oil, high-quality professional cooking oil EFFO and organic sunflower oil under the GARNA organica brand.

The European market accounts for a significant share of our company’s exports. The quality of our sunflower oil is highly valued in the EU.

Considerable interest in Anuga’s 2019 distributors and visitors indicates that UKROLIYA is able to increase its supply of products to EU markets, including by exporting high oleic organic sunflower oil.