From the 4-th to the 7-th of June the 31-st International Agro-Industrial Exhibition Agro-2019 will be held in Kyiv. This year at the National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” is represented about 1300 companies from 15 countries of all over the world.

The AGRO-2019 exhibition is the largest agricultural exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

It is an effective platform for increasing the efficiency of production, innovations and presentations of new products in all areas of the agricultural sector.

A business event that provides opportunities for cooperation with leading countries in the global agricultural sector, as well as a unique platform for dialogue between private business and the government.

In 2019, during the traditional business section, which includes workshops, conferences, presentations and round tables, special attention is paid to the theme of the development of organic production and production in Ukraine.
On the organic food chain organized by the Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine, the company “UKROLIYA” introduced the brand of organic sunflower oil – GARNA organica.

Organic sunflower oil under the brand GARNA organica is a premium product presented with organic conventional sunflower oil and high oleic sunflower oil for the healthy eating.

Today, the main global trend is organic high oleic sunflower oil (HOSO).
In the world there is a clear tendency to replace the use of palm oil into high oleic.

Organic high oleic oil is one of the healthiest organic oils due to the high natural content of oleic fatty acids.

Visitors of the exhibition were able to appreciate the taste and aroma of GARNA organica for salads during tasting at the company’s stand.