On January 14, representatives of UKROLIA together with an employee of the certification authority of the PRC and a distributor of organic sunflower oil to China began the process of verification and certification of land where organic sunflower will be cultivated for further processing at the plant “UKROLIYA ORGANIK”.

In recent years, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom have ceased to trust the Chinese manufacturers of products. In addition, the middle class in the PRC is ready to pay 50% more for organic products. The main reason – people are concerned with the quality of food and their health.

According to the Organic Trade Association, the top five most popular organic products in China include: fresh milk (37%), vegetable oil (35%), pork (33%), beef (26%) and chicken (26%).

Many Chinese consumers do not believe in organic production in the PRC, since they have repeatedly faced with scandals around fake organic. At the same time, it opens enormous opportunities for suppliers of organic products to China.

The Chinese have become much more exacting to assess the safety of food products, which is why during the visit to Ukraine, the inspector and distributor from the PRC carefully inspected not only all the relevant documents and quality of finished products, but also the land and agro-enterprises where organic raw materials are cultivated, in particular, the company “Zhyva Nyva”, “BioFerma”, “Arnika”.

Today, Ukraine the most actively develops bio-production in Europe. That is why it is possible that Ukrainian organic will meet the needs of the huge Chinese market in the near future.