On May the 21st the EU Delegation to Ukraine visited the Poltava Region within the framework of the project: Support to the EU Delegation to Ukraine with media-related activities. At the same time, a press tour for regional journalists was organized.

The guests visited UKROLIYA ORGANIC plant and talked with Director of UKROLIYA LTD Vadym Shvachka, who told about the company’s history, the main company’s development milestones and the challenges facing the Ukrainian manufacturer of organic products.

“The philosophy of the company is a production of healthy food. In our work we follow the principles that correspond to this philosophy.
The Ukrainian market is undoubtedly promising, but today its capacity is not enough for the products consumption of all domestic organic production. That is why about 70 % of Ukrainian organic products are exported.
I am convinced that along with welfare gains in Ukraine the organic’s popularity will increase. UKROLIYA will work for that our organic oil will not only make famous Ukraine abroad, but also was available for each Ukrainian family” said Vadym Shvachka.
During the open discussion, the journalists were interested in which factors should pay attention to companies from the EU in cooperation with the Ukrainian business.

“In the production of organic products, there are no trifles, everything is taken into account, but separately I want to highlight the importance of raw materials. For UKROLIYA high-quality organic sunflower seeds arethe key to good organic oil. For their part, oil buyers also pay attention to the reputation of the supplier, and the compliance of documents that confirm the organic nature of the seeds. We started our business of organics recycling in cooperation with a private enterprise “Agroecology”. It was they, where we bought the first batch of organic sunflower.

“Agroecology” has supplied organic raw materials to European markets for a number of years and managed to give a good account of itself. In many respects, this facilitates the coordination process with European partners regarding the quality and compliance of our organic oil with certain standards. Key values — trust and traceability,” — commented the Executive Director of UKROLIYA LTD Volodymyr Ozirskyi.