Sunflower oil is a national treasure. Why is a national one?

This is explained by the fact that Ukraine is one of the world leaders in this important export product.
Each national cuisine gives preference to the certain type of a vegetable oil. For example, in the culinary traditions of the Eastern Slavs sunflower oil occupies a special place.

Historical brand of our company and the hallmark of Poltava region has become the trademark “Dikanka.” Our 18 years of producing experience, advanced technology, using quality raw materials grown on environmentally friendly Poltava lands helped to create sunflower oil with a bright flavor and aroma.

We aim to meet the needs of consumers, we are concerned about the composition of our products. According this this developed two types of oils:

for salads which is full of bright flavor and rich in vitamin composition;

for frying which has a neutral flavor and is ideal for hot dishes.

Author floral label design symbolizes the beauty of his native land and suggests naturalness sunflower oil TM “Dikanka”.

Our. Native. From Poltava region.