The annual exhibition Gulfood is the world’s largest and the Persian Gulf region and the Middle East specialized exhibition. Very popular exhibition Gulfood is enjoyed by visitors from countries in the region, since more than 95% of food products in the UAE is imported, along with large volumes of re-exports to the UAE are estimated at 15.8 billion US dollars, making Gulfood exhibition an important event.

The market in Dubai, UAE and other Gulf countries is very dynamic, and it has a huge number of international companies offering a variety of goods and services. So the competition there is – as everywhere.
At the same time, as the market is still relatively young and continues to evolve, the possibilities for the occurrence to him of their goods. And those opportunities much more than, for example, in Europe.
From 16 to 20 February, commercial Director Natalia Ryazantseva and foreign trade Manager Oksana Kostenko during the exhibition conducting several meetings with Arab partners to cooperate on the supply of high oleic sunflower oil.

Establishing long-term relations with partners from Eastern countries, commercial Department UKROLIYA accepts the importance of interpersonal relations between supplier and buyer. It is a strategy that our colleagues build carefully and with understanding of the specifics of the region, its cultural characteristics. Then there is the trust and interest in each other.

Today the international community is looking with keen interest to the Ukrainian manufacturers, and in our power to make this interest a substantive and mutually beneficial.