Despite the turbulent conditions of the 2020 UKROLIYA company managed to achieve significant results in development of organic trade.
At the marketing year-end of 2019-2020 we’ve won the 2nd place in the rating of Ukrainian exporters of organic sunflower oil by “Volumes of exported product.” UKROLIYA share in the total export of specified product from Ukraine has amounted to about 32%. Apart from that we’ve expanded the outreach of sales of organic sunflower oil. In January we’ve shipped the first batch of organic oil to Myanmar, and in July – to Canada.
We also put a lot of effort into development of our own brand of organic oil – Garna Organica. In 2020 the product appeared on the shelves of key Ukrainian retailer: the “Silpo” network (our oil is presented in 110 selective outlets of the network) and METRO network (presented alongside the whole network).
Our updated online-store was put into operation 7 months ago: Garna Organica High Oleic for frying was the most frequently bought item there in 2020. This fact is a sufficient confirmation of our thesis, that by means of our own Garna Organica brand our company develops consumption culture of organic high-oleic oil in Ukraine, while UKROLIYA ORGANIC as a whole promotes the tendency towards consumption of healthy organic oil not only in Ukraine, but also worldwide.