For eighteen years this event has brought together the leaders of the oil and fat industry in Ukraine, the largest producers and importers of oils and their derived products.

This year  UKROLIYA became a partner of the event.

In an updated format – Sun talks, the co-owner and Director of the company Vadim Shvachka has shared the history of the company’s formation. He spoke about the path from a sunflower seed processor to a value-added product manufacturer.

“Today I will share with you the story of success of a company that is located not in the capital, not even in the regional center  but in the heart of Ukraine, in the district center – in Dikanka. We have been producing high-quality sunflower oil for 20 years, which we sell in Ukraine as well as in CIS and foreign countries.

To describe briefly our process of becoming: we were born, we grew up, we live happily. What will happen next depends only on us, on those who work in our team. ”- said Vadim Shvachka.

“Each of the participants understands that the transition to the next stage of development requires transformation.

The main motive for business transformation for us was the desire to leave the competitive environment in the market, to be a leader in niches, where we will set the pace and trends.

For a company that is not a leader in processing and capacity, it is difficult to be the first. Two years ago we managed to become the first. We built a plant for the processing of exclusively organic sunflower seeds.

As Ukraine is a leader in the cultivation and processing of sunflower seeds, the market is congested, so it was decided to transform and start production of professional high oleic cooking oil EFFO, which is packaged in bag-in-boxes and tin containers.
Whatever the world trends may be – proper nutrition, organic or healthy lifestyles, but the main trend is people. Today young people are leaving the country en masse. This fact motivated us to build our own training center, so that we would no longer attend seminars and trainings, but to train our staff to retain specialists in the company.

We understand that our products are made from quality raw materials, packaged in good packaging, but the most important thing is that our specialists put love there. That is why we value not only the products we produce, but also the people who invest themselves. ”- Vadim Shvachka concluded his speech.

Participation in the APK-Inform conference allows all participants to set business priorities at the start of the new season, to come up with creative ideas to attract new and retain existing customers in a competitive environment and to be one of the first to learn about innovative solutions in the industry