In November, 50 tonnes of organic refined  and 100 tonnes of organic unrefined sunflower oil were shipped to Romania.  Further, the crude oil will be processed at the country’s leading production facility with a view to its further sale in the EU.

Why is the Romanian market?

The Romanian organic market is very dynamic and has shown a significant growth in recent years.  Experts estimate that the market share growth between 2017 and 2018 was 30 percent, and it  is expected to continue at the same pace until 2020.

In recent years, organic food consumption has seen an increase in Romania, and is the result of a combination of various factors such as: greater purchasing power, better consumer’s education, more retail shops and supermarket chains with organic products.  In addition, more and more organic importers are organizing B2B and B2C events to promote healthy lifestyles.

For UKROLIYA the shipment of organic sunflower oil to Romanian partners is a linear extension of the product chain.  During almost 2 years we have been exporting high oleic packaged oil in a bag in box under our own brand – EFFO.