In February 2019 TM GARNA ORGANICA organic sunflower oil has confirmed the US Organic Certification of USDA NOP and fully meets its criteria.

It should be noticed that the products can be certified according to the USDA NOP organic standard only subject to the certification of the entire cycle – from the raw materials cultivation to manufacture of the final product.

The National Organic Program (NOP) is an integral part of the US Department of Agriculture and regulates standards for all agricultural enterprises and processors of organic products.

USDA has 3 certification levels:

The level of “100% organic” means that the product was made of natural organic material only. In this case, the USDA sign is marked at the package.

The “Organic” level means that at least 95% of the raw material used is organic, and all the rest are strictly certified components. In this case, the USDA sign is also indicated.

The level “Made with organic (ingredients)” means that the product formula uses at least 70% of organic material. At the same time, the USDA sign is not marked at the package, but the manufacturer must accurately indicate the mass fraction of the used organic material. Products containing less than 70% of organic components are not considered organic and are not subject to certification.

The NOP’s task is to motivate farmers to grow high-quality organic products to preserve ecological balance and take care of the environment.