According to the results of the marketing year 2020-2021, our company took the 1st place in the ranking of the largest Ukrainian exporters of organic sunflower oil in terms of “volumes of exported products”.

This information was published by our partner, Bohdan Tymkiv, an expert analyst at AgroChart (the source:

Serhiy Kuzmenko, director of the organic direction of UKROLIYA, calls this result “pleasant and expected”. And here’s why: “In 2017, we opened our plant in Dykanka (Poltava region) and in 2018 began active and systematic work on the implementation of our strategy. It took us only 2 marketing years to reach the leading position among Ukrainian exporters of organic sunflower oil.

This success has two main prerequisites. First, on this production site we work exclusively with organic. We can guarantee compliance with organic standards at every stage of the chain: from grain and sunflower cultivation by our partners to the processing and sale of organic oil to our partners around the world. We have an internal methodology for evaluation and selection of suppliers, a system of inspection and control of sunflower cultivation in the fields of partner farms, etc.

Secondly, over the past 3 years, our procurement team has been able to carry out in-depth work to integrate or plan to integrate an increasing number of farms operating in the organic segment. We held a large number of presentations and talks, during which we convinced our potential partners-farmers in the advantages of organic agriculture and growing high-lean organic sunflower. Our production unit has reached the best performance and provides guaranteed quality and quantity in

its activities. And this is what allows our sales team to confidently work with customers and partners around the world and be inline to their requirements for organic oil.

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