On September 14-th, in the Poltava Korpusnyi Park on the platform for guidance, the teams of UKROLIYA LTD and Agroecology PE presented the professions of sunflower oil technologist, agronomist and zootechnics within the framework of the joint project “We are organic”.

We believe that in order to choose a profession, you need to know what to choose.

It is wonderful if the child is aware of the existence of a variety of professions. Often people choose for themselves the profession of their parents or their closest friends simply because they spend their entire childhood in a closed, limited world.

Do You remember your childhood and the annoying question: “Whom will you work when you will grow up?”

Of course, as a schoolchildern, we said that we would become firefighters, astronauts, doctors, teachers or even businessmen. Only a few of us became what they saw themselves in childhood. All because the children’s choice was not conscious and depended only on the popularity of some professions and the thoughts of parents.

Years passed, we chose the professions or they chose us.

Nowadays our children are thinking about who they will be after leaving school or university.

By participating in the Profiland, UKROLIYA and Agroecology have set themselves the goal of helping to extend the view of young guests so that they are not judged superficially.

Such behind-the-scenes mini-excursions may interest you in the most unexpected activities. It can be our contribution to help children choose their future profession.

The project “We are Organic” is open to your ideas, join us!