Recently, the demand for sunflower oil is growing.

This trend was formed by 2 major factors.
The first and foremost, by rising prices for palm oil, which flattened the price differential between palm, soybean, and sunflower oil. Price-sensitive consumers switch to alternative oils, particularly sunflower.

Important for the buyer is the price of the product, but today it is not the only reason, so the second main factor is the trend of healthy eating that vegetable sunflower oil meets.
Because the product by its nature of origin contains no cholesterol and, therefore, it is possible to speak about prevention of cardiovascular disease. Also use in the daily diet you can achieve a balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and finally the product is rich in Omega-9, Omega-6, Omega-3 and fat-soluble vitamins.

With regard to changes in the structure of consumption of vegetable oil for food production, it may be noted that in recent years has increased the percentage of consumption of high oleic sunflower oil.

Direction of exports of UKROLIYA: China market

The largest consumers of vegetable oil in the world are those countries where its own production is unable to fully satisfy the demand for vegetable oil from the public and industry. First and foremost, these countries include India and China.

The Chinese market is not only interesting in terms of the volume of products sold, as a leader of the food market in the world

China – the fastest growing food market, where popularity of a healthy lifestyle leads to a more conscious consumer attitudes to product quality, as well as increased demand for natural and healthy products.

UKROLIYA initially entered the China market with traditional sunflower oil.

After several years of effective cooperation, we managed to win the loyalty of consumers to products of the company. Inviting the Chinese market of high oleic oil – we fully comply with its grocery offer with the trend of consumption of healthy oils/foods.

Direction of exports of UKROLIYA : the U.S. market

“The use in food of vegetable oil, – stated in the recommendations of the American heart Institute, approximately 60% reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which are still the most dangerous disease in the United States.”

This appeal by American doctors last 40-50 years. Therefore, Americans are increasingly using in your kitchen healthy oil. Especially popular with high oleic oil, which demonstrates all the benefits for health and for business.

Company UKROLIYA mainly in the USA sells the oil in bulk, where further local processors have partnered with retailers that are actively developing segment of private labels (Private Label).

Private Label products are designed for a specific commercial network and more precisely satisfy customers ‘ needs based on understanding of audience.

Today high oleic oil is highly valued in the countries that have imposed legislative restrictions on the content of TRANS fats in the manufacture of margarines and industrial fats, as well as in Asia, where due to health concerns the consumption of sunflower oil in recent years has increased several times.

We, as a manufacturer of high-quality high oleic oil, support the Consumer’s quest to lead a healthy life, formed a proactive approach in the formation of new healthy offerings on the global food market.