On February 1, 2019, a workshop on the theme Organic Farming and Processing was held for students of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy within the framework of the joint project of companies “Agroecologia” and “UKROLIA” under the name “We are organic”.

During the seminar, the speakers shared up-to-date information on new technologies and developments in the field of organic production. At the end of the event, a tasting of organic sunflower oil TM GARNA ORGANICA produced by LLC “UKROLIYA” was held.
Сhief agriculturist of the PE “Agroecologia” Serhii Kozin opened a seminar with a report on modern technologies of organic farming. The speaker stressed that organic products are made only from organic raw materials, and this production is exclusively certified, which implies the conformity of all production processes with the detailed regulations on organic production of the European Union and the requirements of other standards of organic production.
Then, Hanna Varchenko, brand manager of TM GARNA ORGANICA of “UKROLIA” company, described the history of the brand, which was created in 2017 the sole purpose of becoming a reliable supplier of high quality organic plant oils in Ukraine and the world. These intentions are supported by using only organic raw materials for the manufacture of products of this brand. “Organic is in the heart of everything we do. We are committed to raising the quality of life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting the environment,” Hanna concluded.
Dmytro Volsky, raw materials purchasing manager, described the system of interaction with agrarian enterprises and farms. “Why are we confident in the quality of Ukrainian organic raw materials manufacturers? We are acquainted with each farmer and we carefully inspect the quality of raw materials,” Dmytro stressed.
The PR-manager of LLC “UKROLIA” Svitlana Lutsenko continued the seminar with a report on the development project “We are organic”, whose ideologues are Director General of “Agroecologia”, Hlib Lukianenko and Business Development Director of “UKROLIA” Yurii Shevchenko.
“We are organic”- the first project in Ukraine that enables school-age children and students to understand the importance of consuming organic products. The objective of the project is to create the right perception of the world in the future generation through the disclosure of the philosophy of the organic way of life, as well as the development and popularization of the organic segment in Ukraine. Svitlana stressed: “Our purpose is to demonstrate that, unlike“natural “organic, it is a controlled method of cultivation and production. The project “We are organic” is open to your fresh ideas. We are ready for constructive interaction with all the representatives of the organic direction and with all those who share the pronounced principles and values.”
The audience was extremely enthusiastic about the final performanceby Hanna Kozelska, a journalist, a member of the NGO “Poltava Society of Agriculture”, which presented an interesting photo project “Organic Poltavshchyna”, which tells about the manufacturers of organic products in the Poltava region.

During the seminar, students realized the basic point that, choosing a healthy lifestyle for themselves, they become a worthy example for the younger generation. And given this, they are able to make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of the Ukrainian nation as a whole.