On October 25, in the framework of the international exhibition WorldFood Ukraine in Kyiv, the V International Conference “Organic Processing and Marketing” was held.

The event was divided into thematic sessions: milk and meat processing, production of flour and cereals, production of oils, fruit and berry processing and support for organic initiatives by international projects.

Dmytro Volsky, raw materials purchasing manager of “UKROLIA” LLC, said at this conference that the main problem that the company faces in the development of the organic segment is the necessary volumes of high-quality organic raw materials for processing.

It should be noted that organic crops provide a special way for their cultivation, in particular, without the use of chemical fertilizers and plant protection products, by taking care of the land.

Based on this, “UKROLIA” has implemented a program of support for farms and agroenterprises, which contributes not only to the establishment of an appropriate business process, but also to obtain a synergistic effect from the joint activities of the manufacturer and the processor.